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"Instant Landing Pages, Done For You Lead Magnets and Fully Automated Delivery - It's The Easiest Way Ever To Build Your List!"

No matter what you sell or promote online, the single most important thing you should be doing right now is LIST BUILDING!
Just watch the video below to discover how to do it faster, smarter and easier than everyone else...

Start Generating High-Quality Leads For Your Business In Just 3 Simple Steps...

Step 1 - Connect Your Autoresponder

Connect Your Autoresponder

Login to the dashboard and connect your chosen autoresponder service to EasyLeadMagnets.

Step 2 - Choose Your Lead Magnet

Choose a Lead Magnet

Select a done-for-you lead magnet from your ever growing library (2 brand new titles each month).

Step 3 Ready To Go

Ready To Go

Create awesome landing pages in just a few clicks to pull in new subscribers on complete autopilot.

List Building is Mission Critical for Your Business!


EasyLeadMagnets Membership + Software Access + Starter Library + 30 Days Guarantee - ​​Skip Social & Search  ​....and start doing more of this!

Get 2 Brand New Titles Each Month Plus+ 12 Exclusive Titles Right Now!

In addition to the two monthly titles, we're also giving you an instant library of a dozen brand new lead magnets to get your list building into overdrive without delay...

Blogging For Profits - Easy Lead Magnets
SEO Success Factors - Easy Lead Magnets
Podcasting Made Easy - Easy Lead Magnets
Kindle Book Promotion - Easy Lead Magnets
Free Photos and Graphics - Easy Lead Magnets
Unstoppable Traffic - Easy Lead Magnets
Build Your Brand - Easy Lead Magnets
Ecommerce Insider - Easy Lead Magnets
Mobile Marketing - Easy Lead Magnets
Build A Bigger List - Easy Lead Magnets
Funnel Frenzy - Easy Lead Magnets
Speed Writing Secrets - Easy Lead Magnets

In just a few minutes from now...  (and with just a couple of clicks of your mouse) you'll have a dozen new lead magnets to give away...  Each complete with a stunning landing page and everything else you need to grow your list faster and easier than ever before!

 List Building Doesn't Get Any Easier or Faster Than This!

Instant 'No Hassle' Landing Pages:

Instant 'No Hassle' Landing Pages

Nothing to buy, nothing to install or learn - Just one click...

Forget about installing plugins, paying out for high priced landing page builders, hosting or domains and then going crazy trying to make it all connect and work together.

  • No coding, designing or additional fees
  • Connects to your autoresponder in a click
  • Create UNLIMITED pages with free SSL hosting
  • Monetize delivery pages with your offers

Done-For-You Pro Quality Lead Magnets:

Done-For-You Lead Magnets

TWO brand new & exclusive, hot topic titles every month...

Keep new leads coming in like crazy  - With an instant lead magnet library offering a dozen titles and two new kits every month, you will never run out of list building opportunities.

  • Zero writing, editing or research needed 
  • Automatically delivered to your subscribers
  • Popular business & marketing related topics 
  • Perfect content length (15/20 pages) PDFs

Stunning Cover Graphics and Ads:

Professional Cover Graphics and Ads

Your lead magnets will look like Amazon Best Sellers...

If you hate Photoshop and you're fed up with Fiverr...  Or you simply can't find (or extend your monthly budget to cover the hefty fees of)  a professional graphic designer don't worry!

  • Attention grabbing, professional designs 
  • Matching promotional graphics
  • Save a fortune on designer's fees each month
  • Optimized for highest conversions

Your Point And Click Simple Command Dashboard:

All-In-One Command Dashboard

Create New Campaigns From Anywhere With An Internet Connection!

With everything under one roof and all securely cloud hosted, it's easy to create new campaigns, pause, edit/clone existing ones from anywhere (all you need is an Internet connection)

  • Easy API connections to your autoresponder(s) 
  • At a glance stats with traffic/conversion reporting
  • Access to free training, tools & resources
  • Create and deploy new campaigns from anywhere

Flexible, Automatic Lead Magnet Delivery Options:


Delivery On Full Autopilot or Create Your Own Custom Pages

We'll automatically create a ready to use thank-you/delivery page for you reports.  Or you can choose to create a custom page/message with the simple built in editor (great if you want to use double opt-in confirmation before giving subscribers access to the reports)

  • Fully Automatic (fastest option) delivery pages. 
  • URL Redirect on opt-in to your own link or page.
  • Customizable WYSIWYG page editor included.
  • Monetize your download page with links/ads.

 See EasyLeadMagnets In Action Below...

Build A Landing Page, With Ready To Deliver Lead Magnet, Graphics and Thank You/Delivery Page - In Less Than 2 Minutes!

Landing Page & Lead Magnet Demos

Check it out...  These are fully functional demos that show EasyLeadMagnets in action:

Content That Converts - Easy Lead Magnets
Content That Converts
Click Here Opens in a new window
(Demo Two Step Opt-In With Exit Pop-Up)
Media Buying Secrets - Easy Lead Magnets
Media Buying Secrets
Click Here Opens in a new window
(Demo One Step Opt-In Without Exit Pop-Up)
Build Your Brand - Easy Lead Magnets
Build Your Brand
Click Here Opens in a new window
(Demo Two Step Opt-In Without Exit Pop-Up)

Connect Your EasyLeadMagnets' Landing Pages To Any Autoresponder Service Using Custom Form Codes Or Direct API (1 click) Integration With All Of The Following Services:

Zapier Integration

[If your favorite isn't on the list you'll still be able to connect using custom form code or Zapier which integrates with 1,300+ web apps...  but let us know and if it's possible, we'll work on a direct API integration] 

 Lead Magnets And Landing Pages At Light-speed!

Whether you want to promote a single product, a service you offer or a cause that's close to your heart, a mailing list is the ultimate key to your success. And now you can do it faster and for less with the only all-in-one, soup to nuts, point and click solution available on the market today.

Join Now... Put Your List Building & Profits On Warp Factor 10!

Start Building Your List!

EasyLeadMagnets Subscription - Instant Access + Starter Library With 30 Day Guarantee - ​Join the Revolution  ​(​a mailing list is the ultimate key to your success)

With Ready Made Lead Magnets, Landing Pages and Download Delivery You Might Be Wondering "What Else Do I Need?"

Well...  The truth is with EasyLeadMagnets there isn't much else you do actually need, everything you want is inside now ...  but that wasn't going to stop us giving you more!

Kick Ass Bonus #1 - get Bigger Lists IN RECORD BREAKING TIME!

Here's How To Get So Much Traffic To Your Landing Pages It'll Melt Your Server...

 Funnel Buster

You've got a cool lead magnet with an awesome landing page that's sure to convert!

But here's the thing...
None of this matters if you can't get enough targeted traffic to visit your page.

That's why we created the 'Funnel Buster' training program - It's where you'll discover 20 surefire places to promote you lead magnets along with proven tactics and strategies for getting ALL the quality traffic you'll ever need.

A $47 Value - But It's Yours For FREE

Profit Pulling Bonus #2 - Want BETTER RESULTS from every email?

Here's The Copy & Paste Shortcut To Getting More Clicks And Driving Bigger Email Profits!.. 

Sell Anything Swipes

Get the 'Magic Powers' that every marketer wants: the ability to sell ANYTHING to ANYONE via email.

"It's The Ultimate Shortcut..."

Includes: The Anatomy of a Compelling Email breakdown and dozens of Tips for Boosting Your Response Rates.

PLUS+ 10 complete emails from 10 different niches that you can copy 'as is' and put to use in all of your own email campaigns - It's like having a World Class Copywriter on call every time you want to send out an email.

A $49 Value - But It's Yours For FREE


Get The Amazing "SubjectLine-O-Matic" Software Built In To Your Easy Lead Magnets Dashboard!


Get the edge over your competition when it comes to getting your emails opened!

Just enter a keyword and click the button and you'll get dozens of attention grabbing subject lines. Then copy/paste your chosen one into your email message...

... Or, you can choose from over 100 tried and tested, self-interest/benefit focused subject line FORMULAS. These are fill-in-the-blank templates complete with examples you can use in ANY industry...  (We send out close to a million emails a week across multiple sectors and we test like crazy, so we know these formulas will work for you too!)

With Subject Line-o-Matic if you can click your mouse you can get all the proven subject lines you'll ever need. 

A $99 Value - But It's Yours For FREE

OMG!! Bonus #4 - The List Builder's Printable Cheat Sheet...

Discover The Proven Three-Step Process For Building BIG and Highly Responsive Mailing Lists...

List Builders Cheat Sheet

Most people know the basic steps of building a list. But very few know how to take these steps in a way that produces GREAT results!  That's inside this guide...

Dive in to discover the proven 3 step process for building super targeted and highly responsive lists including:

The real secrets behind irresistible lead magnets that attract prospects AND generate sales on autopilot.

The smartest tips, tricks and tools you can deploy right now that'll help you get the maximum amount of opt-ins for ANY type of promotional list building campaign.

Plus+  the golden rule of traffic generation and 13 places where you should be promoting your new landing pages - Includes a print out and pin up cheat sheet.

A $27 Value - But It's Yours For FREE

Combined That's $200+ Worth Of Value Added Extras That Will Only Be Included For Foundation Members - Don't Wait And Risk Missing Out On These Awesome Goodies...

​​Right Now is the Best Time to Take Advantage of ​EasyLeadMagnets! 

List Building Made Easy

EasyLeadMagnets Subscription - Instant Access + Starter Library With 30 Day Guarantee - ​The Only Lead Magnets to Landing Pages System on the Market!

maybe you're still not sure?  Well consider this...

Do It Yourself?  Or Let The Experts Do It All For You?

We've Successfully Published Over 1,000 Books, Lead Magnets, Courses And Special Reports...

Pros - Joining EasyLeadMagnets Today

  • Start Growing My List In Just Minutes  
  • Spend More Time On My Business
  • Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month
  • Everything Is 'Point & Click' Simple
  • 2 New Titles Like Clockwork Every Month
  • FREE Training, Regular Tactics & Tips

Cons - Trying To Do It All Yourself 

  • Weeks (Maybe Months) To Get Started
  • All Of My Time Researching/Writing
  • Paying Out A Fortune To Outsourcers
  • Connecting Multiple Services & Platforms
  • Oh No!  I Have To Make Another One?
  • Nope!  I'm On My Own To Figure It Out


You might not know, but we're the guys behind the best selling email marketing tools like Genius Lander, Commission Gorilla, Conversion Gorilla and Split Test Monkey so when it comes to list building and especially using lead magnets, we know first-hand just how important it is to get things right...

...  We've built email lists into the hundreds of thousands and run hundreds of tests over the years ourselves and with tens of thousands of users we're also privy to 'insider' data most online marketers and business owners can only dream of having access to.

And the biggest thing we've learned is this...


In fact we can make you a ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE that if you're not using optimized landing pages and quality lead magnets right now in your business you aren't fully maximizing your potential to drive profit. AND YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!

What is ONE good subscriber worth to you? 

We're talking about someone who’ll open your emails and buy multiple products from you over several years.

If you’re like most business owners, then that one good subscriber is worth at least a couple hundred bucks. If they’re buying high-end products from you, then that one sign-up today could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

That means that if EasyLeadMagnets membership helps you add just ONE person – meaning that one person opens your emails and starts buying what you’re selling – then joining right now is worth hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to you.

And we haven't started to factor in how much time, money and resources you'll save immediately by becoming a member!

Now, the good news is that you don’t need to pay $200/$300 for this membership (though it’s certainly worth it - what you'll receive comes with a real world cost of around $20,000 if you did it all yourself).

...  Because if you act now, you’ll get everything you've see on this page for much less (no monthly fees and a locked in $100 discount for every year of your membership) – This gives you instant access to 12 lead magnets today and 2 brand new and exclusive lead magnets EVERY MONTH for an entire year!  

And when your new lead magnets add just one extra person to your mailing list, you can count on recouping your investment.

Multiply that result by hundreds of new subscribers, maybe thousands and the choice should be a clear one...

  • Avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes that plague most list builders!
  • Slash Outsourcing Costs
  • Stop Paying High Monthly Fees for Landing Page Tools
  • Grow your lists, increase responses, and maximize profits!
  • Make list building faster and easier than ever before!
  • Let us take on the hassles and heavy lifting of content creation for you

Become a ​member today. Scroll back up, click the add to cart button and we'll see you inside!

Act Now!  ​Start Growing Your List In Just Minutes from Now ...


EasyLeadMagnets Subscription - Instant Access + Starter Library With 30 Day Guarantee + ​​Get 2 New Titles Like Clockwork Every Month  

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